Thursday, May 17, 2007


hello all,
please excuse the long wait on my reply to this blog but i have not been able to find any internet connections down here in daytona untill now. i am very excited that this blog is in existance (though i am not an avid blogger myself) i think it is a great way for us to keep in contact. i am really happy to see all the direction that has already occured. thank you issac for your regurgitation of the script. brian, as you know i was feeling the same about shining up through the cracks...especially in the scene with the actor wherein he speaks about the creaks (sp?) in the floor. i really like the back wall idea too...with a lot of textures i assume?
some of my thoughts with this show include a different angles than most of us are used to at VCU. i am feeling very low sides ...maybe even from onstage?...footlights with period gas color aswell as some LEDs maybe to incorporate some pretty color mixing in the more abstract moments. possible some moments with pointalism and color mixing to acheive the many tones of fire. as you are aware, the lines in the show could be roughly gathered into 5-10 different levels of "lucidity". one of my main concepts so far is to portray what the actor is seeing, feeling, and thinking in reference to the text. the key is delicacy. think of it as the stages of a dream in which you are barely asleep and can sense the "real world" all the way into full lucid dream in which you are completely aware that you are dreaming yet you wouldnt be able to tell the difference between "real life" and "what you are living"....does this make any sense??? me if it doesnt ....anywho....i think there is a lot of potential for this show and very little boundries. let me know what you think.

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