Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hey there, guys...

Not being much of a blogger, myself -- I may stay a bit behind the curtain on this one, gang. But, in the spirit of contributing, I figured I'd say hello and welcome as well to this blog. My name's Clay McLeod Chapman... and I'm the writer of Volume of Smoke. I'll also be co-directing the show with Isaac down in Virginia. My main goal for this production will be to tackle character work with all the cast members, as well as figuring out how to fill the Hodges theatre with our intimate lil' play.

Beyond the list of ghost movies -- for the cast, I'd like to strongly encourage you all to pick up Edgar Lee Masters' "Spoon River Anthology" this summer and flip through. This may speak volumes about me -- but it's one of my favorite books and served as a guiding force for "Smoke." All of which will become abundantly clear with one simple perusal. Not to mention prove once and for all that I am in fact a complete dweeb.


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