Tuesday, May 15, 2007

hey all
were all finally getting settled in in daytona, eric will most likely be posting soon. anyway, i wanted to say that i am really excited also about the ghost story idea. another thing that really made me happy was seeing the blog about the nautical terms. persoanlly i would love to implement something to accentuate a nautical feeling. i was thinking about a planked raised deck. theatres use boards too but maybe varying sizes or sizes gradually getting bigger the further upstage. but most importantly i think it owuld be amazing to keep cracks between the boards so eric can do whatever he wants under that deck. anything from a fire effect, a water effect, smoke. i think to hear a wicked sound effect of a big fire, with an amazing fire effect through the cracks of boards would just be intense. none of this i really have my heart set on, just getting excited i guess. this picture of bricks and pinrail really interests me. it looks ababndoned and a little scary to me. i love it. maybe a back wall?

anyway one last thing, anselm keifer really interested me. isaac suggested him. very cool very textural. i'll try to find a picture of one of his works that is really scary.

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