Friday, June 29, 2007

hey issac, im really sorry i havent gotten back to you, my phone is completley trashed. i will have to find eric and see if he has your number, if not is there a way that you could more securely transfer that information. sorry for this confusion, i promise i have not just been ignoring you


Monday, June 18, 2007

a random thought

i dont know EXACTLY how well this willl work but i have an interesting idea. using a fog machine (not haze) placed underneath the deck, and a rosco image-projector, i beleive that we could project an image onto a plume of smoke. this would give the effect that an apparition is seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

inspiration came from Richter's "perfect medium" in which he captures spirits unseen by the naked eye on film. you can see a compilation of pictures above

any thoughts on when this plan could be best executed within the script Isaac? i could take a picture of one of the actors in a costume, then edit the photo on my computer, print a slide of it and project the image in its exact form onto the plume of fog. what do you think? this would need to be planned in advance. unfortunatly i can not garantee sucess in the project, yet i do feel optimistic.

above is the actual projector. it slides directly into a lighting instrument similar to a gobo (therefore is very versitle in location thoughout the theatre).

Monday, June 11, 2007


Apologies for the rare posts.

Thank you for all of the inspiration buddy! i really enjoy looking at the work of Gerhard Richter and "the perfect medium" and his blurred photo paintings. as the LD i do beleive that i can begin to capture some of this effect with some sort of diffused haze and tight "cool/bright" specials encased in a warm "bubble". a key element in getting this effect comes with the actual tone of the actor or costume. if you notice in the above painting by richter the character is very pale and in so illuminating more so. is there a way to make an actor reflective is this regard, yet still dull and dead?

my hope is to have the haze exhaust from under the prososed planking allowing the aura to build around the actor out, rather than from the instrument out. does this make sense? the sepia-tone should be no problem to acheive with gel. maybe a tea-stained-like style could be applied to other mediums.

in order to capture the feel of theatre in this era i hope to have gas-colored footlighting. this color with possible mixing could really add interesting angles.

a thought i had is to project through the planking of the set or with the footlights the shadows of the actors onto the back wall. i think this effect with give the actor a greater pressence in the space. a pressence not possible by a mortal but maybe by a spirit or ghost.

please excuse the lack of clarity i thought i should purge ideas onto the blog after a long day. response more than welcomed.